Game of Scotland Yard


The Scene

Mr X, the most wanted criminal, is on the run in Central London and Scotland Yard's finest detectives are in a hot pursuit. To escape capture, Mr. X must move cleverly and secretly (Mr X.'s whereabouts are revealed only as many as 5 times during the game); to corner Mr X, the detectives must use ingenuity and cooperation. One player(in the game,computer) is Mr X. All other players are the detectives(which in the game are controlled by a human player). Whether one is being chased or doing the chasing, all players travel from location to location by bus, taxi or underground. To take a certain form of transportation, you must be on the correct spot and have the correct fare - no ticket, no ride!

The Challenge

You will be controlling the detectives and so one of the detectives must capture Mr X. by landing on the same space Mr X occupies.