Package game

Interface Summary

Transport This interface defines constants associated with the various modes of transport

Class Summary

AbstractPlayer Abstract class AbstractPlayer - Defines the properties of player
Detective Inherits the class AbstractPlayer to define a detective
Fugitive Uses class Player to define the properties of a fugitive.
LinkDefines the basic properties of a Link.This class can be used to define a graph or a multi-graph with weighted edges.
MapLabel This class extends the JLabel class to provide the functionality of overlaying images (positions of detectives) on top of the game board.
Move This class encapsulates a move for the palyers.It has two data members,one for representing the node position and the other for representing the ticket Type for the move
Node Describes the basic properties of a node of the map and the various methods associated with this class.
PlayGame This class provides the GUI interfacing between the user and the machine It uses the swing functionality to provide a good interfacing
TestBoard Defines the board for the game.