Game of Scotland Yard

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The play

HOW to move - a look at the game board: All players move from one numbered location to another either by yellow taxi routes, green bus routes or red underground routes. Each trip must be paid for which the appropriate tickets. Notice that all the transportation routes are color-coded properly.

The numbered locations are stations or stops for one or more of the routes. Each location is color-coded to tell you what transportation service you can use to move to such a spot or to move from such a spot. Take a look at the stop #153, near Buckingham palace on the game board for an example of a stop with three transportation services

NOTE: All numbered locations are yellow signals, so you can always move to and from such spots by taxi(if you have the matching yellow ticket); two-stop locations(yellow and green signals) allow you to move to and from them by taxi or bus; three-stop locations(such as #153 above), are the rarest and allow you to move to and from them by a taxi,bus or underground.

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