Game of Scotland Yard

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Turn sequence


In the game, Mr. X plays the first move. As a player, you will be controlling five detectives. Here is how you make a move After the detectives move Mr X. makes its move and its move is shown in a separate window box.

As a detective, your ticket supply diminishes as you play and it is possible that you could be stranded at a location without any tickets at all or without the particular ticket you need to move from and to another location. If this happens, the detective is virtually out of the game but it remains there on the stop, on its stranded location and neither Mr. X nor the detectives can go to that stop.


Mr. X moves after all the detectives have moved. However, Mr. X moves are not always known to the detectives. Mr X. will reveal the ticket it has used to move to the new location but it will reveal its positions only at the moves 3, 8, 13, 18, 23.

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